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AllAccessible Rolls Out New Features for Improved Website Accessibility

By February 28, 2023August 6th, 2023No Comments5 min read
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AllAccessible has been designed and developed to assist individuals with special needs in navigating their digital environment, and to make their lives easier and more comfortable. In the latest update to the AllAccessible application, users and administrators can now enjoy an even more seamless and intuitive experience.

A list of some of the updated features includes:

  • Accessibility Widget Customization: AllAccessible now allows administrators to customize the look and feel of the accessibility widget. Administrators can now adjust the widget’s shape, size, color, icon, position, branding, and the ability to allow visitors to request accommodations. The video below provides a quick overview of these new features:
  • Server Improvements: AllAccessible has made major improvements to our servers for improved speed and reliability of service.
  • Improved Ai Remediation Capabilities: Automated Ai Remediation is a key component of the AllAccessible Application. We are constantly improving our Ai Capabilities. The latest update includes:
    • Improved aria role validation to remove and warn if invalid roles are applied to elements.
    • Improved Aria labels for command type elements (buttons, links, etc).
    • Improved dialog naming for modals and other dialogs
    • Improved Hidden Content warnings
    • Improved unordered and ordered list validation for screen reader optimization
  • Improved Accessibility Scanning and Reporting: AllAccessible has taken the guesswork out of accessibility scans and reports. Our updated audit format not only tells categorized details including Issue Summaries, Issue Types, Problem Elements, Problem Details, Impact, Standard, and Rules, it now also tells you the improvements that AllAccessible’s automated Ai Technology has made for you, so you know exactly where to focus your remediation efforts. 
  • Accessibility Audit History: Website Accessibility Scans and Reports are some of the most effective deterrents to website accessibility lawsuits. With our improved accessibility audits scans and reports,  your accessibility scans are now logged and tracked within the administrator dashboard. Now you can know exactly how your website’s accessibility stacks up at all times. 
  • Improved Metrics: Your AllAccessible dashboards now include improved metrics. Directly within your dashboard, you can get a picture of your monthly Ai Actions and Widget Usage. 
  • Accommodation Requests: Your website visitors can now request accessibility accommodations directly from the AllAccessible Accessibility Widget. This feature gives your website visitors the ability to quickly and easily request accommodations, and allow website administrators to receive, track, and manage accommodation requests.

  • Launched Partner Program: AllAccessible has recently launched a new partner program! This program offers companies the opportunity to partner with AllAccessible in its mission to make the world a more inclusive place for people with disabilities. The AllAccessible Partner Program (APP) offers multiple, profitable, and flexible models for our partners to build their own branded solutions powered by AllAccessible. As an AllAccessible Partner you can offer innovative accessibility solutions and services to your clients that will improve compliance, minimize legal risk, expand inclusivity, enhance their reputation, and drive innovation, all while generating new revenue streams for your business.

  • User Roles and Permission: Add colleagues and clients to your account with the new user management functionality. Roles include:


Role Permissions
Admin Can view all site information, including billing. Receives all emails. Also has the ability to manage users for allaccessible.org.
Billing Can view site information, including billing. Will receive emails related to billing. Does not have the ability to manage users for allaccessible.org.
Accommodation Admin Receives emails for Accommodation Requests. Can view site information, no billing access. Does not have the ability to manage users for allaccessible.org.
User Can view site information, no billing access. Does not have the ability to manage users for allaccessible.org.
Remove Access Remove user from accessing all information related to allaccessible.org.

In addition to these updates, the AllAccessible app now includes a more user-friendly interface. The app has been redesigned to make it more intuitive, with clear navigation and an easier-to-use layout. This makes it easier for people with disabilities to use the app and access the features they need.

The new updates to the AllAccessible app are a significant step forward in making the digital world more accessible for people with disabilities. With the introduction of new features, improved user experience, and support for multiple languages, the app has become even more useful and inclusive. AllAccessible is a prime example of how technology can be used to break down barriers and make the world a more equitable place for everyone.

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