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Stay WCAG and ADA Compliant

The Most Comprehensive and Affordable Accessibility Solution.

Unlock Digital Inclusion with AllAccessible.

The future of website accessibility is here. AllAccessible harnesses cutting-edge AI to power a fully customizable experience, empowering all visitors to effortlessly navigate your site.

But AllAccessible goes beyond front-end accessibility. Our powerful tools provide comprehensive administration, management, and remediation capabilities – ensuring your digital presence exceeds compliance standards.
Experience the AllAccessible difference and open your online world to everyone.


Product Feature

Pre-Set Accessibility Profiles

Easily activate common combinations of accessibility features like increased font size, color contrast, and screen reader compatibility with one click.

User Experience Control

Allows users to define their own experience on your website, giving them the freedom to adjust visual elements to their preferences regardless of their abilities.

Accommodation Requests

Enable seamless communication with users, ensuring their specific needs are met for an inclusive online experience.

Accessibility Compliance Tools

Accessibility tools such as an editable accessibility statement, online dictionary, and link trees help your website to effortlessly achieve compliance while enhancing user accessibility.
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Unlimited Audits and Reports

Run unlimited accessibility scans and receive a corresponding report highlighting any accessibility issues and their severity all mapped back to compliance standards

Automated Ai Scans

Our advanced testing methodology, backed by Ai technology, guarantees the consistency and accuracy of each audit.

Automated Ai Remediation Reporting

Understand where AllAccessible identifies deficiencies and applies adjustments to the client’s experience.
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Remediation Dashboard

User-friendly interface allows you to make quick and easy accessibility issue remediation adjustments to your site, No coding required!

Automated Ai Remediation

Our advanced Ai technology continuously scans your website for accessibility gaps, and dynamically applies non-invasive adjustments in real-time.

Accommodation Request Management

Track and manage accessibility accommodation requests in one place allowing website administrators to prioritize issues and improvements for better compliance and user experience.
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The most affordable and reliable ADA AND WAG compliance solution!


What our clients say about AllAccessible.

Works great, best on the market!

The features and functionality are top notch
- definitely recommend.

Opened Up New Possibilities

This app installed in 1-click and opened up my page to more users, and much more possibilities. It was very easy and has expanded the audience who’s able to interact and use my site.

Absolutely The Best Accessibility Plugin!

I must have tried 20 other accessibility plugins and none came close to this amazing plugin. First of all, the options in the free version are awesome, but the Pro Version takes accessibility to a whole new level.

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