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Digital Accessibility Audit—How Does It Work for Websites?

By April 6, 2023August 6th, 2023No Comments5 min read
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A digital accessibility audit ensures that websites, apps, and digital content are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. A digital accessibility audit assesses a website or digital content to identify barriers to accessibility and provide recommendations on making the content more accessible. 

The audit can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization or content being audited. In addition to identifying any accessibility barriers, an audit can provide guidance on best practices for digital accessibility and often includes recommendations for improving the overall user experience for all users.

How Does a Digital Accessibility Audit Work? 

If a website or other digital object conforms with the Web Content Accessibility Standards (WCAG), it has undergone a “digital accessibility audit”. It also suggests compliance with applicable national laws or regulations, such as the European Accessibility Act (EAA), Section 508, Section 504, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

Various assistive technologies can be used for automated and manual testing during a digital accessibility assessment. It is essential for developing independent and trustworthy digital accessibility strategies because it provides comprehensive coverage that automatic testing cannot.

Benefits of Digital Accessibility Audit

Conducting a digital accessibility assessment has the following advantages:

  • It can help to identify problems that make it difficult for people with disabilities to access digital content.
  • It can ensure compliance with accessibility regulations and prevent financial and legal penalties.
  • Increasing the utility and accessibility of digital material could enhance the user experience for all users, not just those with disabilities.
  • An overall accessibility health score that can be used as a benchmark to evaluate accessibility advancements over time may also be included in a digital accessibility evaluation report.
  • An audit can highlight areas that require development and assist businesses in developing self-sufficient, long-term digital accessibility strategies. Additionally, it enhances the company’s image and customer experience.

What Does a Digital Accessibility Evaluation Include?

A digital accessibility audit should be performed on various digital assets and interfaces, including websites, digital documents, audio and video files, desktop software, and native mobile apps. Finding any accessibility barriers preventing people with disabilities from using digital materials and services is the auditor’s primary objective.

Evaluating digital mobility also offers suggestions for addressing these issues and improving user experience. A baseline for tracking accessibility changes over time and an accessibility health score that displays accessibility barriers and their degree of severity.

30% of the criteria listed in the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) may be assessed instantly. A thorough assessment necessitates manual testing by accessibility experts who use assistive technology. The scope of an accessibility audit for digital material may change depending on the needs and objectives of the organization.

Considering Disability Issues

Both automated and hands-on accessibility testing should be part of an assessment of accessibility. This is because about 30% of the WCAG criteria are evaluated automatically.

Automatic Assessment of Accessibility

The evaluation method for accessibility must include a testing step. The team can find issues at the code level with the help of automated and semi-automated accessibility testing techniques.

Automated techniques simplify identifying issues with missing ARIA labels, picture alt-text, and color contrast. These simple methods can improve the usability of digital papers.

Manual Movement Assessment

People would be able to resolve this issue because empathy is a human quality that cannot be created mechanically. Understanding the target population, empathizing with their concerns, promoting ease of use, and keeping testing in mind are essential. People conducting medical evaluations might inquire about the following:

  • Can various user groups execute basic workflows using assistive technology?
  • Is the text legible and understandable?
  • Is it possible to access the most crucial features with a minor interaction?

These are merely a few accessibility-related considerations manual assessors can make.

Utilizing Changes

Internal development teams can use their technical expertise to fix any problems uncovered by the accessibility evaluation.

Observing the Viability of the Technology

Internal development teams can evaluate the ability to execute accessibility for a feature. The group might propose additional measures to boost effectiveness.

Allowing Access to the Source Code For Auditors

Due to the examiners’ access to the source code, made available by internal development teams, any accessibility issues can be tracked to their root cause.

Maintaining and Constantly Checking

An accessibility tool for websites can be incorporated into the standard development process by internal development teams. This can aid in the early discovery of problems, the prevention of new barriers to accessibility, and accessibility upkeep.


A digital accessibility audit is a comprehensive review of digital products and services that assess the level of usability and accessibility for people with disabilities. The audit is conducted by an expert who reviews the existing user interface, code, and content to determine the accessibility of the product or service. The audit should also review the overall usability of the product or service. 

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