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Ai Remediation

No Code Accessibility Remediation.

The world’s most complete accessibility remediation system.
All adjustments are non-invasive, meaning there is no need to bring in a developer to knock out a large punch-list of code changes. Our tool identifies deficiencies and applies adjustments to the client’s experience dynamically and in real-time.

How our Ai Remediation Works

Step 1

Our accessibility scan checklist includes over 80 different requirements (far exceeding WCAG 2.1’s requirements). Our goal is to future proof your website’s accessibility by going beyond today’s requirements.

The entirety of the page is scanned (including the first html tag) to ensure all elements and attributes are properly configured for all browsing experiences.

The result of the scan will provide useful information such as any accessibility deficiencies and missing elements. We pass this information through our Ai accessibility system which does it’s magic to make adjusts and create the missing elements so all users can get all the information they are looking for.

Step 2

Our Ai Remediation system is designed using over 1 thousand different page examples to ensure adjustments are compatible and usable with all major browsers. The magic starts once the Ai Remediation system receives the Accessibility Scan data.

The first step in the remediation process is to ensure the page structure is properly formatted. This means identifying crucial landmarks and roles throughout the page, if these items don’t exist our tool will find them and apply them.

Any images that are missing Alt text descriptions are analyzed using our image recognition system. Image descriptions are then stored in your dashboard for review and editing to ensure the most accurate description is available to your users. We know Ai isn’t perfect, but with your help, our Ai system will improve over time.

Below is a list of just some of the 75+ remediation functions included with all subscriptions.

  • Page Structure Identification
  • Image Recognition and Description Generation
  • Role Identification, Verification, and Setting
  • Aria Attribute Identification, Verification, and Setting
  • Code Deficiency Adjustments

Fully transparent and editable Ai remediation adjustments.

We’ll never hide your adjustments from you. All scan data and remediation adjustments are visible in your account dashboard. You also have control over the Ai-generated descriptions for elements that were identified as missing.

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