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Ensure that your website is more accessible to all users with AllAccessible, the premier solution for website accessibility. Our cutting-edge Ai automation technology and user-friendly interface improve compliance with ADA and WCAG guidelines for website accessibility. Don’t let accessibility issues hold your website back – try AllAccessible today for a more inclusive online experience.

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How AllAccessible Works

Compatible with all web CMS' & platforms

Experience the ultimate in website accessibility with AllAccessible - the most comprehensive WCAG and ADA compliance solution on the market.

Our Features Include

  • Automatic site accessibility scanning
  • Automatic Ai remediation
  • User-controlled page adjustments
  • Ability to review and adjust Ai remediation results
  • Ability to receive manage, and track accommodation requests

AllAccessible is a complete Accessibility to Usability solution.

AllAccessible Website Accessibility Modal

More than just an accessibility widget

Improve user engagement and customer satisfaction by making your website more accessible with AllAccessible. Our personalized, real-time accessibility support allows users to define their own experience on your website, giving them the freedom to adjust it to their preferences regardless of their abilities.

  • Pre-Set Accessibility Profiles
  • Content Control Features
  • Design Control Features
  • Orientation Control Features

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Audits are Automated to ensure you maintain WCAG Compliance

Our unlimited, real-time audits cover your entire website, helping ensureĀ  compliance. Our advanced testing methodology, backed by Ai technology, guarantees the consistency and accuracy of each audit.

  • Unlimited Audits/Scans

  • Auto Ai Remediation

  • Manual Override of AI Image Descriptions

AllAccessible Website Accessibility Report
Remediation Dashboard

Instant Remediation to Improve Usability

Take your website accessibility to the next level with AllAccessible’s instant remediation dashboard. Our user-friendly interface allows you to make quick and easy adjustments to your site, No coding required!

  • No Code Edits
  • Adjust Aria Labels
  • Edit Image Labels
  • Improve Usability

Complete Control all in one place

Easily monitor and maintain website accessibility with AllAccessible’s comprehensive dashboards. Get a quick overview of the most important metrics and identify consistent accessibility issues with just a few clicks.

  • Run Audits

  • Track Audit Reports

  • Manage Users and Administrators
  • Track and Manage Accommodation Requests
  • Adjust Application Settings
Admin Dashboard

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